$9.00 USD

Hyacinth Journey (Digital Album)

Enthrall your senses with an hour long epic, cinematic soundscape inspired by the scent of the Blue Lotus flower and designed specifically for Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

N.B. If you buy the 5ml bottle of Blue Lotus essential oil in the store, you will get the digital album free.

Best listened to on headphones or good stereo speakers. Not advisable to listen whilst driving.

The back story:

At the start of 2020, I participated in a Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy course and had the opportunity to sit with a small dose of sublingual ketamine. It proved to be a top ten life changing experience and compelled me to write music inspired in part by what the medicine reveled deep in my psyche and the smell of a rare essential oil I rubbed into my hands prior to sitting: the White Lotus.

Since then I have performed the album live along with offering the oil and was an overwhelming success.The album is designed to follow the arc of a low dose sublingual Ketamine journey which normally last about one hour. There is a gong to signify 15 minutes and the invitation to swallow the low dose Ketamine lozenge that has been melting in your mouth and to smell the White Lotus oil. I find this activates the experience greatly.

Midway through you will also head an isochronic beat pulsing at a Delta frequency of 4Hz, which entrains the brain to the delta deep meditation state.