“Music is the language of the spirit.” Kahlil Gibran


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My beloved Tuvan Throat Singing teacher is coming to town again for a few gigs in the Bay Area. I've organized another small intimate gathering with him at my house. Book early as this sold out quickly last time. 


Saturday March 23  /  3-6 P

Enrique Ugalde is currently the most decorated non-Tuvan throat singer in the world, winning 1st place in the 2022 online international concourse of the Khöömei in the Center of Asia Festival.

In this rare intimate setting, you will learn the three main techniques of Tuvan style throat singing: Kargyraa, Khöömei & Sygyt.

  • Understand the history behind Tuvan culture & throat singing.
  • Focus on the mechanics and theory of overtone singing.
  • Sing ancient traditional songs & melodies passed down through centuries from master to student.
  • Explore the language of this beautiful and endangered culture.

Private Residence, Kentfield CA  LIMITED 10 PEOPLE

$100 includes latest digital download album

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Sound has a powerful effect on our body and psyche. It has the potential to unlock all kinds of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

There are over 20 mixes free for download on my sound cloud page.

I play the didgeridoo to awaken the psyche and heal the body. Here is a free download recording for your meditation or relaxation practice.