Exclusive for Journey Clinical Practitioners

Blue Lotus Journey

...opening a window to your soul 


Whether you are new to ketamine or a seasoned traveler, come sit in a warm and welcoming circle of fellow practitioners. Experience the medicine and feel safe to share stories and deepen our healing journey together.
Eric has over 30 years experience holding space for people to access the deeper aspects of their psyche and soul. With the enchanting synergy of flower essences, blue lotus essential oil and a one hour epic ambient soundscape (inspired by the energetic vibration of the blue lotus) - the conditions are ripe for the ketamine to work it's magic and provide potentially magnificent and mystical insights into Self.  

 What's Included:

  • Limited to 8 people and one co-facilitator.
  • 50 min group preparation (preferably in person at my house in Kentfield) Optional zoom and will be recorded if you miss it. Brief overview of Flower Essences and protocols.
  • 50 min group integration (in person and/or zoom recording).
  • 4 hour window for intention setting, journey and potluck after.

To take home for continued meditation and integration:

  • 5 ml bottle of Blue Lotus Essential Oil
  • 15 ml bottle of Blue Lotus Flower Essence

Once the group has signed up, I’ll send a doodle poll to maximize the chance of all us being available for prep and integration meetings.



Payable to Journey Clinical:


(with discount code INTAKE100 from $335)

Initial evaluation + 2 Ketamine doses + 1 Zofran dose

$295 - follow up + 6 Ketamine doses

Total $530 for 8 doses.

Works out to $66/dose.



Payable to Eric:

Total $130


2 x 50 min group consultations

4 hour facilitated journey with potluck

5 ml bottle of Blue Lotus Essential Oil 

15 ml bottle of Blue Lotus Flower Essence



When and Sign Up:

Blue Lotus Journey

Sun April 7th 10a-2p


Sign Up
White Lotus Journey

Sun May 5th 10a-2p


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Pink Lotus Journey

Sun June 2nd 10a-2p


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Hyacinth Journey

Sun July 7th 10a-2p


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Blue Lotus kicks off the series and each month you will be initiated into different fragrances and sound frequencies. 

Co-facilitator required: There will be an expenses paid opportunity for a co-facilitator to hold space with me. They will receive the oil and flower essence, gas and food, together with a 30 minute consultation before and after.

Sliding Scale: One place will be reserved for anyone needing financial assistance - pay what you can. If so please email me. 

Sign Up Procedure: Use your therapist portal to create your patient account and evaluation booking. Note, do not go through the patient sign up. As soon as you’ve booked email [email protected] (copying me [email protected]) to be assigned to my client list so I can log your KAP session on the day). You can also ask to for your evaluation and medication order to be expedited by mentioning my group. They will put you at the top of the list. 


Don’t hesitate to call, text or email me with any queries.

Look forward to exploring luminous and numinous dimensions with you… 

Warmest Wishes,



[email protected]