Are You Ready To Harness Your Subconscious And Unlock Your Passion For Life?


Discover how to heal past wounds and overcome the shame, guilt, and trauma that holds you back from an unimaginable sense of personal freedom, joy and fulfillment.

Do you…

  • Question your identity at home or work and let it hold you back from true joy and fulfillment? 


  • Struggle with feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, knowing that binging on TV, alcohol, gaming or exercise is just an escape that provides no long-term solutions?


  • Experience patterns of inconsistency, procrastination, low self esteem and self doubt that keep you from reaching your goals and following your dreams?
  •  Feel exhausted trying to control everything and everyone, including yourself?


  • Know that something is off and you don’t feel like yourself, but nothing you’ve tried has made a difference?


  • Lack the energy or motivation to go about your day and you're fed up with feeling powerless to change?

I get it! Here's a photoshoot I did post therapy to represent how protected and emotionally unavailable I had become from myself and everyone else. Many people tried knocking, but couldn't get in.

To be honest, I was the biggest stress ball and plagued with feeling unworthy, undeserving and not good enough.

The major obstacle for many of us struggling with crisis is a secret sense of shame that we’ve not dealt with.

The causes of shame, primarily various forms of abuse and abandonment, construct an armor that protects us from pain but also shields us from our connection with the divine - our spirituality.

It becomes a catch 22 that imprisons us…

But what if you could...

Access your subconscious with gentle breathing and visualization to track the source of your shame and end it for good.
Reparent the younger aspects of self – your inner child/adolescent and bring them into unconditional love and wholeness.
 Quit internalizing shame and let go of perfectionism, self sabotage, addictions, OCDs and other heavy baggage.

"The impact of shame shows up as wounding and no matter where you are on that spectrum...there is a way out..."

Hi there! I’m Eric and for over 25 years I have guided thousands of students and clients in discovering their own powerful healing and rewarding meditation practice. 


By fusing esoteric yoga and Taoist techniques with modern somatic psychotherapy, I have created a transformative vision quest that can catapult you into astonishing new vistas of healing and growth.


I’m honored to show you an easy and effective way to bridge the heights of meditation with the depths of therapy and help guide you back to wholeness…

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